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    Welcome to our new Manufacturers Rep, Premier Foodservice Group

    Posted On August 09, 2023 Category: News

    Please join MPM and PizzaMaster in welcoming our new representative group for MAFSI region 12 (GA, AL, TN-East), Premier Foodservice Group. The team’s goal is to help customers succeed by representing best-in-class manufacturers of commercial foodservice equipment and supplies. They are committed to being prompt, confident, experts, professional, relationship-driven, and persistent in order to better help customers.

    Everyone at Premier Foodservice Group is committed to a great experience, which makes them a good fit to represent PizzaMaster electric deck ovens. With 85 different models and over 1,500 combinations, PizzaMaster has the largest range of models and sizes in the world, and there is an oven for every customer’s needs. PizzaMaster ovens have the capability to reach 932°F/ 500°C allowing users to bake any style of pizza. Combined with exceptional heat recovery this allows for high-capacity output during peak times.

    Pizzaiolos and bakers from around the world have tested PizzaMaster ovens, and they all agree that the proof is in the final product.  If you are in Georgia, Alabama, or Eastern Tennessee and want to learn more or if you want to test bake your dough in our oven at the Premier Design and Training Center to find out what makes PizzaMaster the best solution for your most complex oven needs, reach out to Premier: info@premierfoodservicegroup.com.

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    MPM Food Equipment Group
    Official U.S. PizzaMaster Distributor

    236 Egidi Drive, Suite A, Wheeling, IL 60090
    P: (847) 297-6762 | (800) 976-6762

    East Coast:
    34 Industrial Park Place, Unit B
    Middletown, CT 06457
    P: (860) 436-2926

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