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    CostWise Case Study: High Volume Shop

    Posted On October 27, 2020 Category: News

    We recently worked with a shop that wanted to add the unique features of a PizzaMaster oven to help their bakes remain consistent even during busy times. Their average is 200 pizzas per day on weekdays, and 400 per day Friday to Sunday, so we recommended the PizzaMaster model 933.

    Before they made the purchase, they needed to know how long it would take to recoup the top line cost of the oven. We plugged their information into the CostWise Calculator, to put the power to make a wise decision right in their hands. Click below to find out what they discovered:


    We would be happy to work through the CostWise calculator with your actual numbers, just like we did for the shop in this case study. The results will tell you exactly how long it would take to pay back a new oven, which can help you make the decision of whether it’s a good time to buy. We’ll send you a .pdf of the results so you have all of your key numbers right in front of you when you’re making your decision.

    One quick appointment puts the power to make a wise decision right in your hands, and lets you see why the proof is in the profit. Fill out the form below to make a free CostWise appointment today.

    Or you can contact us by email: info@mpmfeg.com, or phone: 800-976-6762, or ask your food equipment dealer to contact us, and we’ll be glad to help.

    Owning a PizzaMaster oven is easier than you think!

    – Team MPM

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