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    Posted On February 09, 2024 Category: News

    As one of our favorite days of the year, we feel compelled to send a big THANK YOU to all the pizza lovers out there who make the pizza community so incredible! From pizzaiolos and master chefs to pizza champions, and of course, all you pizza aficionados. YOU are what makes this day so special. Let’s make this day one to remember. Celebrate National Pizza Day by supporting your local pizzerias and restaurants with some pizza-themed fun!

    🍕 #1. Be part of America’s largest pizza delivery by joining the World Pizza Champions & the US Pizza Team today (Feb 9). All you have to do is donate and deliver at least 10 pizzas to your local shelter, soup kitchen, or any hunger action center. Go to: sliceouthunger.org/paa

    🍕 #2. Surprise your office with a pizza party! Order from a local pizzeria or restaurant. Your comrades will thank you for the delicious lunchtime treat.

    🍕 #3. Spread the love by having pizza delivered to a friend or family member for dinner. Who doesn’t love a surprise pizza delivery?

    And a special shoutout to all the PizzaMaster ovens out there that keep pumping out the pies and satisfying those cravings! We are proud to support restaurants and pizzerias with PizzaMaster’s high capacity, helping to meet customer demands every day. 🍕🔥

    - Your PizzaMaster family

    PizzaMaster is honored to be a proud sponsor and partner of the World Pizza Champions. PizzaMaster and members of the World Pizza Champions will be at booth #3540 during Pizza Expo in Vegas. Hope to see you there!




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