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    Pizza & Pasta Northeast Hits Atlantic City!

    Posted On September 26, 2023 Category: News

    Pizza & Pasta Northeast Hits Atlantic City!

    Mark your calendars for October 1st and 2nd, as Pizza & Pasta Northeast is making a spectacular return to the Atlantic City Conventions Center! Get ready to indulge in an unforgettable experience to learn about the PizzaMaster electric deck ovens.

    As you step into the Atlantic City Conventions Center, make sure to head straight to Booth #641, the PizzaMaster haven. Here, you'll witness the quality and capability of our state-of-the-art PizzaMaster ovens. The real star of the show, of course, is the oven itself because of the incredible flavor profiles that emerge when baking from PizzaMaster ovens are nothing short of remarkable. Our industry-leading ovens are designed for precision, consistency, versatility and efficiency. Find out how PizzaMaster ovens are here to step up to the plate and elevate your baking game!

    Value, Efficiency, and Versatility

    When it comes to selecting an oven, value, efficiency, and versatility are key factors to consider. PizzaMaster ovens excel in all these aspects. From the crispy and cheesy perfection of a Neapolitan-style pizza to the warm and inviting aroma of freshly baked bread or pastries, every bite is an explosion of flavor. They're an investment that not only enhances the quality of your dishes but also ensures a seamless operation, especially when your shop or restaurant is at peak capacity. With PizzaMaster ovens, you're not just buying an oven; you're investing in culinary excellence.

    Join Us at Pizza & Pasta Northeast

    So, what are you waiting for? Make your way to the Atlantic City Conventions Center on October 1st and 2nd and join us at Booth #641 for an unforgettable learning adventure. Discover how PizzaMaster ovens can transform your culinary journey. No matter your footprint, there is a perfect PizzaMaster oven just for you.

    Can’t wait to see you there! And if you miss the show, don’t worry - contact us to experience a hands-on a demo in one of our PizzaMaster test kitchens across the nation. Email info@mpmfeg.com or call 800-976-6762 today!


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